Sunday, January 22, 2017

A little bit closer...

I have added Mr. Drinkwater to the roof and his son out front bringing him some more supplies. I also added some weeds, more junk and even a "project" in the garage. I have also worked to get the lighting done in the house and some basic interior details. Before I can move on to the next building or part of the module I have a few more items to complete. The items I plan to finish before moving on are as follows:
  • Complete roof structure and detailing
  • Finish house interior; window glass, window dressing, other details
  • Add some more exterior details, firewood pile, detail around fallen tree, also more junk
  • Figure out how to blend the backdrop and scene together, possibly a fence and maybe a tree
 With this basic plan in place here is where I am at now.

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