Thursday, July 28, 2011

So close...YET SO FAR AWAY

Well for anyone who has been following along you probably have noticed the lack of photos or progress. I have been on hold due to work and received news today that I will be transferring in the next week to Oklahoma City. So the Bend layout will be coming down and parts saved for the move. The backdrop will need to be removed and the wall repaired. It is going to be a busy couple of weeks!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brooks Scanlon Woodchip Track

I have finished the Brooks Scanlon lead all the way to the mainline. This includes installing the track that will be for the woodchip loader. I still have not wired anything but cars roll well over the completed section. I also extended the Brooks Willamette spur track.

More photos of the area on the Brooks Willamette page

Friday, July 8, 2011

Brooks Willamette

Well the track gang has finished laying track into the Brooks Willamette particle board plant. This track will hold between 3 and 5 cars depending on the car type. Boxcars will be the main car type used but I may have a few bulkhead cars to stick in every once in awhile.

More details and pictures on the Brooks Willamette page

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little Site Organization

I have decided to clean up my website a little bit and have added some new pages to keep myself organized. I have divided my layout into 5 sections, the sections are as follows:

Bend Depot: This page will cover the area around the iconic stone depot. This will be where operators gather up their paperwork and grab the RS-3 assigned to switching Bend customers.

Greenwood Ave: this is a small scenic section on the layout that will be between the Depot and Division street. It will feature the three track underpass and pilot butte in the background.

Division Street: The are between Greenwood and Brooks Willamette will have the most complex track work of the layout. This area will feature a number of crossovers and a variety of industries. Depending on how busy the customers are in this area will change the difficulty of the job quite a bit

Brooks Willamette: This section will feature the Brooks Willamette particle board plant. I have moved the woodchip loader from the back of the Brooks Scanlon mill to this area as I wanted to add the woodchip loading. This area of the layout will also feature a section of a residential area and light commercial. This will also separate the two sides of the layout and make the layout seem larger.

Brooks Scanlon: This will be the end of the layout and will feature the large Brooks Scanlon mill. There will also be a scale track that most of the cars loaded in town will need to weighed before departing on the next train out of town. I have also set it up so that continuous operations are possible by placing in lift out bridge at the end of this section