Saturday, March 26, 2016


Well not exactly.

The move from Oklahoma to Idaho was not especially kind to my Deschutes module. Also during the last setup I discovered that the ballast from Arizona Rock and Mineral was magnetic. My plan was to remove all the ballast and  track, then just fix the cork. I was also thinking of adding some signals to the section for added interest. As I was removing the track and ballast I was noticing how heavy this module was. I then remembered that the back of it was a solid piece of 3/4" plywood along with a solid stack of dense foam. I decided that since I was going to redo the track I would redo the hill also. I have decided to reduce the slope of the hill to make it lighter and easier to transport. Also since it will now be a stand alone module I wanted the hill to be more natural and less of a "camel hump." I am trying to save as much of the rock face as I can, but have already lost a large chunk. The plywood will be cut down with a jig saw then I will cut out the inside making a lighter module. I am also tempted to try the Bragdon Geodesic Foam Kit as it is strong, flexible and durable. I will finish clearing off the old scenery and start reworking the hillside and supports. It should not take me long to put it back together if I can find the time to work on it.