Tuesday, November 24, 2015

No more Shed...

As stated in my last post the shed that I was going to convert into a workshop/layout are has been converted back to a garden shed. The cost to convert it to a usable space is not in the cards right now and I would rather use the funds to build modules or finish projects. I am a little disappointed but I am moving my painting stuff to the garage along with my Free-mo modules, I will be able to setup most of my modules and work on them during the year.

I am also looking at refocusing my Free-mo modules into focusing on the more iconic section of Bend, which makes more since in the long run of trying to model Bend. I will post a new plan for my modules in the near future.

Monday, November 2, 2015

A review of my goals

As part of my goals for myself is to do a better job setting and keeping goals. So far I have been doing okay this year, but I still have more I would have liked to complete that probably will not all get done.

The unplanned remodel of the the house still has my free time wrapped up, even though the project is done, the task of getting everything back to where it goes is just beginning. There is some good news in my model railroading world. My wife has decided to move her studio from downstairs to upstairs and has allowed me to have a area to work on projects. By now I would have thought my shed would be well on its way, but the needed upgrades are cost prohibitive. We have decided to convert it back into a gardening and storage shed ans I will be setting up my modules in the garage. This will allow me space to work and run on my modules when the time and weather permits. My wife has also made a comment about me being able to build a shelf layout in the spare room. No promises, but I may have a home layout to work on in 2016.

So as for goals in 2015

1) Finish that house, so close yet so far away (project 1 when I get my workbench back together)
2) Finish Had's McCulloch Chain Saw Shop (project 2 when I get my workbench back together)
3) Finish ground throw pulls on Madras Modules  (Done for now, may convert to tortoise)
4) Basic Scenery completed on Madras Modules (Basic scenery on one module has been completed, the other two I have the base coast down and need to finalize building locations.)

I will post a year in Review at the end of December along with a list of goals for 2016.