Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Goals

I saw someone else post their goals for 2015 and I thought it may be a good idea. I have thought about it for awhile and decided that I did not want to make my goals to lofty or unrealistic. I also did not want to make the goals to easy as it more about getting things done then just checking off boxes.

1) Complete the Railroad Line Forum's Challenge / Laserart Company House #1
2) Get the upper storage shelves in the "Train Shed"
3) Start the preliminary electrical work on the "Train Shed"

It is not a lot of goals but it should give me a good list of things to get done this year.

I may update my goals each Quarter and add to them, I will keep updating as I can and I hope to start checking things off the list soon.

New Year, New Plan

With the start of the new year and starting to finally get settled in a routine I have started to plan ahead for 2015. Although my progress on the "Train Shed" will be slow to start there is plenty to keep me busy as I gather materials and work on the mundane parts of getting a building "train worthy." My first order of business this year was to get my tool box organized and loaded full of essential tools. Part of my new job requires me to travel, so I will be spending time in a hotels. I used a larger wooden toolbox I received around 10 years ago and had mostly been filled with tools I was not using. After a quick swap and reload it is ready for the next trip, except I did not have a project to work on.

Not saying that I did not have plenty of projects, I just was not sure which one to choose. While dealing with my dilemma  I say that Railroad Line Forums was kicking off a "Challenge." I had participated in these in the past and thought I would join in. The "challenge" I decided to participate in was to take a kit off the shelf and build it. Since I do not have a place to run trains, building a freight car did not make much sense. I did come across a small house kit I got last year for Christmas that I had not built yet. It is a Laser Art Company House #1. It is an easy enough build and easy enough to modify. I plan to add some windows, change up the front porch, and a detailed interior and lighting.