Friday, February 12, 2016

Decisions, descisions...

I am nearing a point on my Madras Modules that I am looking to the next project I want to tackle. I have all the buildings figured out for Madras and all the basic scenery completed. Once I get the basic structures roughed in I can then wrap up the main scenery and move to adding details at my leisure. Since this is for training purposes the structures are not going to be super detailed to start, over time if I decide to take them home I may add lighting and more details, but mostly they will just be good representations of what was there.

So with this project winding down my mind start to wander onto what I should do next. I have been debating doing more of Madras or maybe even Redmond but after winning a slide off of Ebay I have decided to return to Bend Oregon. I have always wanted to model the depot and I have already started the underpass at Greenwood Ave. The warehouse across the track from the depot is a neat structure along with the REA building. It would be a simple double track module that I could detail and use in photographing trains and equipment, it would be easy to build and would be a real signature scene.

I also have decided to take my 90 degree module and instead of modeling somewhere in the Deschutes canyon use it to model Canal Place, a street that paralleled the track leading to the Brooks Scanlon mill. I have built a number of houses of the year and not really had a place to put them, this will be a show case of some of my structures along the edge of the layout.