Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lucas gets a Module and Page

My 8 year old son Lucas has been wanting to do some model railroading and I have decided to give him my 90 degree Free-mo module set. He has decided he wants a grade crossing, small town and a farm on the modules. For the town he saw the Walthers Doughnut shop and really wanted it, so he bought it. I was able to help him use the airbrush and get the structure painted with the colors he picked. We then did the basic assembly and will now finish the painting, add some interior details and lighting.

For more updates on Lucas's modules check out Lucas's Page.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer is over, time to model!!

With travel and work I really did not do anything in August worth posting, hence the complete lack of posts. With that said I spent the first few days of September working on a few trailers for my 1968 Piggyback Special. I will be back to posting these updates to the Projects in Progress section of my blog. Here is a preview of the beginning of my Piggyback Special. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fun at Potlatch

I spent Saturday in Potlatch with Frank running some trains on a small Free-mo setup. We had a good time and may have gained a few new members, possibly. My modules worked well and I am excited to get them finished up for the show in Spokane in October. We also plan on adding this event to our annual calendar, which is a great small venue for us to display and run.

Here is a photo of me working hard (photo by Frank, W.)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Nothing like a deadline to get you moving!!

I have been slowly working on reworking my 45 degree module and what has turned into a Signal-mo. I was going to have them complete for the Spokane train show in October, but we are now going to be setting up on July 9th in Potlatch Idaho. So I am now rushing to get the modules operational and the basic scenery also completed. These will not be completely done, but they will be usable and presentable for what we are doing.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Revere Street Bar and Grill

When looking over the aerial photo from 1967 I noticed a building on the corner of Revere and Division that looked like it would fit on the module. Next was to check the area out on Google Earth and I was pleasantly surprised by the building I found. It was a single story building with a false front making it look like a two story old west structure I decided I really needed to model it. After doing a little more internet sleuthing I found that the shop was setup for both retail and restaurant space. With that information in mind I have decided to make it a Bar and Grill. I plan on building a detailed interior of at least the Bar and Restaurant area, since the rest will be hidden I will probably not do anything for the kitchen or bathrooms.

Here is a Google screenshot of the building.

I will post progress and additional pictures in my Projects in Progress section.

Monday, May 23, 2016

So simple it may just work

Here is my very basic plan of Revere Street in Bend Oregon. It will feature a number of buildings I have built along with a set of working crossing flashers to protect the two mains. Simple plan, simple post. Keep tuned for progress.

Friday, May 20, 2016

A new module to get things moving

I have had two modules sitting in my garage since I left Kansas almost 5 years ago and although I have had great plans for them, I just have not really ever gotten them anywhere more then a few good drawings. I had also built a number of building models with plans to add the to a module at some date but never really had a plan for them either. With that in mind I dismantled the two modules and built a single double track module. This module will be loosely based on Revere St. in Bend Oregon.  For now I plan to get the track up an running in the coming week as I am going to share it with a local train club here in Lewiston Idaho.