Friday, May 29, 2015

Gangs out...dignitaries in!

The Tie and Steel Gang wrapped up their work yesterday and the SP&S decided it was time to celebrate. They snagged a few GN passenger cars for a trip to Madras tacking them on the rear of the #1 to be dropped off at Wishram. The mixed train was held until the arrival of the cars so they could be added to the rear. The cars arrived early in the morning and were setout on the small runaround track at the new industrial area.  The dignitaries were driven by motor coach to get some breakfast in downtown Madras. After their hearty breakfast they returned to the site for speeches and back patting. They then had a steak luncheon and returned by motor coach to Pasco. The cars will be picked up tonight by the retuning mixed train and taken to Wishram to make a connection with the #2 and get them back to the GN at Spokane.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Oh no, there are two gangs in town...

Do not worry it is just the Tie and Rail gangs. The surfacing gang finished up their work last week (cork in place and painted.) This week the Tie Gang started laying out clusters of ties on the main route and some of the industry tracks. The rail gang also arrived and started cutting rail to length. Once the ties are all properly placed the Rail Gang will work to secure the rail.  There is still lots to do, before the trains can run, but progress is being made at a good clip.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Now that is a chainsaw...

One of the joys of buying online is that you have to go off what they tell you it is. I puchased what I thought were some HO scale chainsaws from a seller and was little surprised when some O scale saws arrived. I figured I could make something out of them later, maybe a cut off saw for a sawmill or cut them up into something more my scale. As I was looking at the front of the building I realized I needed some sort of signage. Then is dawned on me, why not a giant chainsaw for a sign...

So here it is!