Saturday, June 4, 2016

Revere Street Bar and Grill

When looking over the aerial photo from 1967 I noticed a building on the corner of Revere and Division that looked like it would fit on the module. Next was to check the area out on Google Earth and I was pleasantly surprised by the building I found. It was a single story building with a false front making it look like a two story old west structure I decided I really needed to model it. After doing a little more internet sleuthing I found that the shop was setup for both retail and restaurant space. With that information in mind I have decided to make it a Bar and Grill. I plan on building a detailed interior of at least the Bar and Restaurant area, since the rest will be hidden I will probably not do anything for the kitchen or bathrooms.

Here is a Google screenshot of the building.

I will post progress and additional pictures in my Projects in Progress section.