Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Goals Reviewed and 2016 goals

As the year comes to a close I am taking time to reflect on the goals I set for this year. Even though the number of goals was small I still had a hard time completing them. This is due to a number of factors which include family, work and some unforeseen things that happened this year with our house.

First a review of  the 2015 Goals: 

1) Finish that house: 70%
The house structure is complete, including the interior and roof.
The next step is to add interior lighting, weathering, window glazing and find a place for it.

 2) Finish Had's McCulloch Chain Saw Shop: 70%
The main structure is complete and interior has been detailed.
The next step will be to finish the roof, add interior lighting, weathering and place it on the layout.

3) Finish ground throw pulls on Madras Modules 100%
Kind of changed my mind on what I wanted to do, but they are functional and that is good for now.

4) Basic Scenery completed on Madras Modules 80%
I have the scenery on one module pretty much done. I have structures and details to add  but they are not vital. As for the rest of the modules I have the basic scenery down and now need to fill in the flat areas with Hydrocal so I can place my buildings.

Goals for 2016 

1) Purchase no new projects or freight cars.
In looking at my inventory I have enough projects to keep me busy for 15 years. I do not need to buy anything that does not assist me with finishing an existing project. I also have plenty of rolling stock and no real place to run or display it. Unless I find a car on a very short list I keep, no new freight cars for 2016.

2) Finish the House
 Add interior lighting, weathering, window glazing and find a place for it.

3) Finish Had's McCulloch Chain Saw Shop
Finish the roof, add interior lighting, weathering and place it on the layout.

4) Finish Madras Switching Layout with Structures
Finish the basic ground cover
Build all structures and place them on the layout
Add derails
Begin work on track details

I will post a progress report at the end of March 2016 to see how I am doing.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A walk down memory lane...

This year for Christmas we decided to stay at my Parents house. During our stay my parents mentioned my model railroad stuff was still upstairs in boxes and they wanted to know what they should do with it. It seemed everything I had ever had for model railroading had been packed away. I took some time to go through the boxes of items that had been carefully packed away finding mostly detritus, but also some treasures. For the most part there was a lot of Tyco, Bachmann and other cheap models along with a lot of my first attempts at painting and Kitbashing projects. Most of these items should have been recycled or thrown away. I did find a number of items that I will be taking home that include a bunch of Athearn Bluebox that my son will enjoy and I also found a few items that I need for some other projects. The items I no longer need are being boxed up and donated. I also found a bunch of scratchbuilding materials and some rail I will be finding a use for. So, overall it has been a neat walk down memory lane, and I even found some items I had completely forgot I had.