Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hill Street Crossing takes shape

I think I have figured out how the structures will lay including a grade crossing at Hill Street. Next will be to secure the cork and start cutting some styrene for the roads. I also need to start working on blending the backdrop into the foreground.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Getting the lay of the land

With everything in position I was able to glue some foam to the benchwork which gives me a flat surface to start figuring out where things are going to go. I have decided to model it after an area leading to Brooks Scanlon mill with some modelers license, although not the mainline I will have one track appear to be closer to a mainline while the other track appear to be more of siding. The structures will face the track with a road paralleling the track and also a grade crossing near the middle of the layout. This will give me a place to put a number of structure I have built and also clear out a back log of projects.I can also use the road to display some vehicles and add in the super detailing that I like to do.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

A backdrop gets a foreground

With the main backdrop completed I have move on to the foreground, which will be a small double track display shelf. I may try to squeeze at least one switch on for added interest. The whole thing will only be 48" x 18" but it will give me a nice place to take pictures. I also plan on wiring it up so that it can also be used as a small test bed while programming. I have also attempted to design it so that I can salvage it and turn it into a Free-mo module in the future, or maybe extend the module.

For more information and to follow the progress you can see the work in the Projects in Progress page. Stay tuned, I plan on getting this done as quickly as I can as it will clear a number of older projects from the workbench and out of storage.