April 16th 2018
Wrapping up the Do Drop Drive In, Next will be to place it on the module and work in the fianl exterior details.

February 24th 2018

February 15th 2018

January 14th 2018

December 27th 2017

December 24th 2017
Do Drop In

January 21st 2017
Added a few more details to the Drinkwater place.

January 11th 2017
Worked on the scenery some more and added a "roof" to the garage.

January 10th 2017
Getting a little scenery done around the house.

January 8th 2017
I spent time getting the building painted and also all the assorted details figured out. I have also done some weathering to the building and details.

January 5th 2017

Work continues on my module, I am going to complete one scene at time then stitch them together as I go. I am more likely to complete one small task then to try to tackle the whole thing at once.

December 3rd 2016

I think I have figured out how the buildings are going to layout on the module. I am still trying to get everything lined up and placed properly.

December 2nd 2016

More progress on the shelf display, I was able to attach the foam and set out a few buildings to get an idea of how things will sit.  I have a number of structures that do not have a home, so I figured this layout will be a good place to display them.

December 1st 2016

The shelf is made from some 3/4" plywood I had sitting around, I ripped it into 3" strips and  5" strip for the top of the module. I also picked up a few brackets from Home Depot that would hold up the module itself. 

Here are a few pictures of the module going together.

November 18th 2016

Almost done with the back ground on the back drop.
I now need to figure out the foreground.

Now with happy trees

November 13th 2016

November 11th 2016

Madras Layout Remodeling

November 10th 2016

Getting close to finished on my Geezer build.

October 23rd 2016
I got the decals finished on the shed, now I need to do a little painting and weathering before it can be permanently placed in the scene.


October 9th 2016
Some more work on the shed

October 7th 2016
More work on the Geezer Challenge

September 4th 2016
Here are a couple pictures of the XTRZ trailers I am working on that will also be added to my GN train #5, "The Pig"

September 3rd 2016
Working on a 40' Great Northern trailer with side door.

June 5th 2016
 I also got all the foam glued and cut on my 45 degree module. I took the track and cork off so I could have a better roadbed and set the modules up for signals.

June 5th 2016
Here is the plan I have drawn up in HO scale so I have a good idea on how to build this.

June 4th 2016
Here are some more pictures of the Revere Street Bar and Grill

May 25th 2016
I did a little wood filling on the top to make the transitions more smooth. Next I put on the cork and set up where Revere Street will cross the tracks.

May 24th 2016
Here is some more progress on my Revere Street module.

This is the underside of the module with a coat of paint. 

Looking at the top of the module with the foam in place and a few structures sitting around to figure out where they should be placed. 

April 19th 2016
The ballast has been cleaned up, the track has been painted and weathered.

April 1st 2016
No joke, I am getting close to being done with ballasting on my Madras modules. I still need to finish clearing up the ballast that is loose, or is stuck to places it should not be. Then I can work to weather the rail and start detailing.

March 31st 2016
Extreme makeover edition continues.

March 26th 2016
Been working to finish the ballast and scenery on my Madras Modules. I removed the house as it did not fit what I was trying to do and just put in ground cover. The glue is still wet, but it is almost there.

March 13th 2016
For a long time I have been thinking about building some SP&S Wood Chip cars. I purchased some Diamond Scale cars thinking they were close but have since found out they are too tall. I decided to salvage what I could from the kits and convert the wood pieces to plastic. With that said I am essentially going from a craftsman kit to a scratchbuilt car. So far I have the bottom and one side started.

February 19th 2016
More progress on Jefferson Plywood, my next step is to figure out the internal bracing for the interior walls. Not sure what exactly I am going to do as I cannot find many interior building pictures.

February 16th 2016
I purchased another Pikestuff kit, this time it had a lot more usable parts. I was able to build the three funky curved walls out of what was in the kit and have enough left over to build an additional building if I see fit. It is already turning out to be a rather large building which will hold 3 50' cars  and 4 40' cars. I think if I made it much bigger it would start to get hard to move around, it is already to big for my spray booth. Anyways, here are some pictures of the process of getting this building put together.

January 25th 2016
Well I thought it was going to work. I purchased a Pikestuff kit thinking I had bought enough of the right pieces, but I guess wrong. I have enough pieces to get started and should have something put together pretty quickly.

January 24th 2016
I laid down some static grass, not a heck of a lot of area needing the static grass, but it really adds to the scene. Next will be to add some shrubs, bushes and grass tufts.

January 21th 2016
I completed the second layer of groundcover which included filling in some bare spots and working in the ballast on the auxiliary tracks. Next will be to touch up any spots that need it and move on to static grass and other shrubs.

January 20th 2016
I have successfully completed all the plaster work on the rest of my Madras modules. I mix the plaster with cheap house paint to give it some color in the vent it is chipped it is not bright white.

 With the plaster dried I made my first pass on the groundcover. I again used my cheap paint and painted the plaster, then covered it with natural dirt and blend of ballast material for the road areas. Next I will come back in and trim in where the buildings will go so I can more accurately plan the scenery around them. I will also work on getting the road completed, which will be gravel and have wood crossing planks. 

January 14th 2016
I have the main structure of Clowers pretty well finished, I need to add the roof sections and figure out the elevator leg. I would say it is coming along nicely, it has captured the feel of the building, although not 100% accurate, which is fine by me.

I have also just about finished the groundwork on my Madras Modules. The next step will be to start adding ground cover.

January 9th 2016
With the basic buildings on the back side figured out I have decided to start with building Clowers Seed. This is a unique structure and looks like no other elevator I have come across. I am not making an exact prototype but trying to get the feel of the structure. I have started with two of the corrugated metal elevators.

January 8th 2016
I tried a little experiment and mixed up a double batch of Hydrocal then added in a handful of Scupltamold along with a cup of my paint. It dried a little lighter then my Sculptamold only mix but it created a smooth Sculptamold base that I may continue to use.

January 7th  2016
I have jumped back into working on my Madras Switching layout, I have completed the roughed in scenery and I am now finalizing where the buildings will go. All the structures will be kitbashed to some degree or another.

November 16th 2015
I started this model of a house in January as part of a Challenge on Railroad Line Forums, it just never really got me excited so it has been sitting around uncompleted. I have decided to get it done by the end of the year, so I have been plugging away at some of the interior detail. I  plan to have some interior lighting inside the building to accent the details that I am adding.

September 10th 2015
I added some shrubs, sagebrush and ballast to the layout. I also worked on the garden area around the house and the overall landscaping.

September 9th 2015
I started adding static grass, sure is amzeing how much it makes the scene come to life!

August 24th 2015

Ground cover base.


August 22nd 2015
I got the Sculptamold down and also started painting the ties and rails. Since the spur track will be mostly dirt ballast it is easier to paint and weather the rail now instead of later. Once the ground cover  and ballast is in place I will then give the track a final weathering treatment. One thing I have really noticed is the importance of layers and doing a little bit a a time makes it seem to go quicker when there is a lot to do.

June 19th 2015

Tried making some wire wrapped trees.

June 17th 2015
 I was able to get all the foam in place and secured using Liquid Nails. I also used large gap filling spray foam to fill in the cracks between the pink foam and wood. Once the expanding foam had tried I removed the excess by just pulling it off. My next step will be to figure out the foot prints for all the buildings, then cover the top with a Sculptamold.

May 29th 2015
All the track is in place, now I need to wire it so I can run trains!

May 26th 2015
 Been working on the track work; drilling and soldering, and gluing, and making a big ol' mess.

May 18th 2015
I painted the cork and laid out track and some ties.

May 15th 2015
 I have the cork glued down and leveled out using a rasp on the Madras Switching Layout. Next step will be to paint the cork and exposed wood, then I can move on to laying track.

May 4th 2015

April 28th 2015

April 27th 2015
Had's Chainsaws

April 24th 2015

April 22nd 2015

April 21st 2015
I have started work on my Madras Switching Layout. I will keep all the build photos here and have the finished photos in the Madras Switching Section.

March 30th 2015
Windows and doors

March 27th 2015
More progress on Had's

March 19th 2015
The building is now Had's McCulloch Chainsaw Shop. I got the front wall in place and added and a small addition for a bathroom. I also built a foundation and a paved parking lot. There is still lots to do, but it is moving along quickly.

March 17th 2015
I started working on this Monster Model Works Triple J Repair on the weekend and took it on the road with me. It is moving right along I may be able to have it knocked out in a couple of weeks. I hope this gets me motivated enough to finish the House I started, see lack of progress below...

February 8th 2015
More progress and a start on the interior.

February 1st 2015

Continuing to work on the house

January 14th 2015

Here is the start to the new house for Railroad Ave.

June 29th 2014

Here is another view of the stockyard spur

I received the  last part I need for Central Oregon Pumice and was able to get a little paint on the other parts of the conveyor. I have a few more parts to assemble and then I can move on to detailing.

 I also started working the wood chip loader 

June 22nd 2014

More progress on my Central Oregon Pumice company build.

June 1st 2014

I have started building my Central Oregon Pumice company building. This will be the main part of this industry where the pumice is sized and sorted. I am building this for a challenge on the Big Blue Forum: Big Blue Summer 2014 Challenge

April 19th 2014
Wrapped up the interior details, will now move on to the interior lighting.

April 17th 2014

I have been working to again on the interior details, I figure a couple hundred more pieces and I should be finished.

March 24th 2014

Continuing the process of adding details both interior and exterior, I have decided to scratchbuild a fence and adjust some of the interior.

March 5th 2014
A few more interior shots of Ludgren Equipment

March 2nd 2014

A few close ups of the machine shop

March 1st 2014

More progress on Ludgren Equipment, I have returned to working on the model railroad so I hope I can post more frequently.

November 30th 2013

Ludgren equipment Machine shop hs a skin and a coat of paint. I also have started in on its base for it that I will be mounting it to once I have got a little bit more done.

November 3rd 2013

I finished the roof details, built the office area and added the walls for the machine shop.

November 2nd 2013

I have been working on Ludgren Equipment Company. Now with the frame complete I can start working out the interior details and the exterior paneling.

October 9th 2013

Route 87 Module progress

Here are some progress shots of my modules:

This is the base module in place with foam in place for scenic support and cork in place for the track.

I then placed CVMW mainline ties on the cork and added using .060 stryrene built a road and parking lot.

The area that is open will be where Ludgren Equipment will go when complete.

October 8th 2013

Ludgren Equipment Company

September 30th 2013

Septemeber 2nd 2013

I have been working on some trees, here is a finished one.

August 1st 2013

GN X-1852

December 30th 2012

Here are a few of the vechicles I plan on building for the Ludgren Equipment Company.

This is the the beginning on the fuel tank for the Ideal Gas Company

November 22nd

November 11th 2012

As part of the residential section on my Free-mo modules I built Mr. Humphrey's House. This small house backs up to the train tracks although not a very desirable piece of land Mr. Humphrey's has done a great job keeping up his property. After retiring he now spends most of his days out in his garden, or working on his house. He likes to do things himself, which included the addition of indoor plumbing to the house around 15 years ago. Not wanting things to go to waste he filled in the one seater in the back, poured a concrete pad and converted it to a garden shed.

March 16th 2012

Work continues on my Shell gas station, I still have lots to do but I am pretty happy with the results.

View of the front

Interior Views

Fun with Black and White

February 21st 2012

Been working on the Shell Gas Staion

January 2nd 2012

I have been without a camera for awhile but was able to snag the family cheap-o-digital for some shots of the module. There really is not that much to show as all I have done is place the basic scenery forms and prep the ballast for track. I will be painting the rock and ground next which I hope will really start to bring the module to life. Once the basic painting is done I will lay in the track work, since it is so simple I figured I would do it after the major scenery was completed as to avoid messing up the track.

I also placed an order for a bunch of silflor tufts to use along the waters edge and also for some static grass for the hillside. If I have good push I should have this done by the end of January and it may make it to the show in Wichita in February.

Here is the first attempt at coloring the far not happy, but I will get it.

January 3rd
Still in progress but getting there....

January 4th 2012
Here is a close up picture of the cliff side with the track in front of it. This really makes me want to get this done and paint a backdrop for photos.

January 13th 2012
Found this caboose photo taken near North Junction in 1968, thought I would share it.
More progress on the canyon.

February 3rd 2012

I worked a little on the foreground scenery for the module. I wanted to get the water in and once that was in I really wanted to try out some of my new scenic materials. I will now finish the mundane parts of the module, track, wiring, etc. etc. I know how the motivation to get this done with my new little scene on the front of the module.

FEBRUARY 10th 2012

A few more pictures, with the lights on...

April 11th 2012

Here are some progress shots of the module as it stands. I still have some scenery touch up to do, add some trees and finish off with details.

April 13th 2012

Just a little more photoshop fun


  1. Wow! You've done some amazing work.

    Greg Amer
    The Industrial Lead

  2. Great work! Look forward to seeing them on the layout.

  3. Is there any chance that you could do a wiring diagram of your Madras modules? I assume you use Digitrax and I would love to see a blog entry on how you did that. Keep up the amazing work!!!

    1. Sean,
      I mostly just followed the Free-mo Standard for track bus. I will snap a few pictures and post them for you. I am also going to resume working on one of m Free-mo module and will post some pictures of the underside.