Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lucas gets a Module and Page

My 8 year old son Lucas has been wanting to do some model railroading and I have decided to give him my 90 degree Free-mo module set. He has decided he wants a grade crossing, small town and a farm on the modules. For the town he saw the Walthers Doughnut shop and really wanted it, so he bought it. I was able to help him use the airbrush and get the structure painted with the colors he picked. We then did the basic assembly and will now finish the painting, add some interior details and lighting.

For more updates on Lucas's modules check out Lucas's Page.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer is over, time to model!!

With travel and work I really did not do anything in August worth posting, hence the complete lack of posts. With that said I spent the first few days of September working on a few trailers for my 1968 Piggyback Special. I will be back to posting these updates to the Projects in Progress section of my blog. Here is a preview of the beginning of my Piggyback Special.