Monday, December 5, 2011

A new beginning at the end

I built a 4' Free-Mo module some time ago as part of Redmond, but I have decided that due to the complicated nature of the modules required to focus my attention elsewhere. So I have decided that since I have already gathered a large amount of information on Bend that I would build some Free-mo modules depicting the Bend area. The area I have decided to start with is the absolute end of the SP&S railroad which is the spur leading to the Lelco Lundgren Lumber company. This area will have Lelco with an enclosed building for boxcar loading and a two tracks outside one with a wood chip loader. This area also has Haines Distributing  which will receive beer cars. Next to that will be Central Oregon Pumice Company which will ship hoppers of pumice. There will also be the De Soto furniture which I am still working out the details on what type of cars they would load or unload. The way this is being built it will be as its own switching layout, or as part of a larger Free-mo setup. I am also trying to build these modules in pairs so that they will be easier to transport.