Sunday, December 27, 2015

A walk down memory lane...

This year for Christmas we decided to stay at my Parents house. During our stay my parents mentioned my model railroad stuff was still upstairs in boxes and they wanted to know what they should do with it. It seemed everything I had ever had for model railroading had been packed away. I took some time to go through the boxes of items that had been carefully packed away finding mostly detritus, but also some treasures. For the most part there was a lot of Tyco, Bachmann and other cheap models along with a lot of my first attempts at painting and Kitbashing projects. Most of these items should have been recycled or thrown away. I did find a number of items that I will be taking home that include a bunch of Athearn Bluebox that my son will enjoy and I also found a few items that I need for some other projects. The items I no longer need are being boxed up and donated. I also found a bunch of scratchbuilding materials and some rail I will be finding a use for. So, overall it has been a neat walk down memory lane, and I even found some items I had completely forgot I had.


  1. I did a similar trip down memory lane this summer in my parents' attic - would have been better in the winter, by a few degrees!

    Most of what I found I will definitely use, someday. But they are in TN, and I am in WA, and shipping is pricey. Fortunately I have enough on hand to keep me occupied for a long time before I have a use for most of what was packed away.

    Merry Christmas, Greg, and a Happy New Year to you and your family!


  2. Galen-
    On the last day there my dad found one more box of stuff. He had packed a bunch of Marklin stuff on top of some structures and a Athearn Genesis GN F7 that I though I had lost. I guess the moral of the story is make sure to check all boxes before donating them.

    I was wondering when I was packing the van if everything was going to fit and if I was going to have to ship some things. Fortunately it all made it this trip.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!