Tuesday, November 24, 2015

No more Shed...

As stated in my last post the shed that I was going to convert into a workshop/layout are has been converted back to a garden shed. The cost to convert it to a usable space is not in the cards right now and I would rather use the funds to build modules or finish projects. I am a little disappointed but I am moving my painting stuff to the garage along with my Free-mo modules, I will be able to setup most of my modules and work on them during the year.

I am also looking at refocusing my Free-mo modules into focusing on the more iconic section of Bend, which makes more since in the long run of trying to model Bend. I will post a new plan for my modules in the near future.


  1. Sorry to hear about the shed, but glad you have a plan and a positive outlook for the future! Keep on railroading, Greg!


  2. Galen,

    It just makes more since right now to instead of spending resources on remodeling to work on modules I have already started. I think that once I finish my modules I will build a small shelf layout in the house. When I complete these two projects I may have more leverage to either take over more space inside the house or maybe go back the plan using the shed.