Monday, May 18, 2015

Oh no, there are two gangs in town...

Do not worry it is just the Tie and Rail gangs. The surfacing gang finished up their work last week (cork in place and painted.) This week the Tie Gang started laying out clusters of ties on the main route and some of the industry tracks. The rail gang also arrived and started cutting rail to length. Once the ties are all properly placed the Rail Gang will work to secure the rail.  There is still lots to do, before the trains can run, but progress is being made at a good clip.


  1. Just make sure the gangs don't got to a local biker bar...

  2. What is the planned time line for getting all the track down?

  3. The plan is to have all of it operational by June 10th. I have one more bluepoint turnout controller on order and I hope it shows up by then...