Oregon Trunk  The SP&S took all the GN cars and power to Bend where a GN crew would take over the train and continue it south to interchange with the Western Pacific at Bieber. Anything the GN needed south of Bend had to go over the Oregon Trunk, which allows me the ability to have some other interesting equipment.The Great Northern worked between Bend Oregon and Bieber California. The division terminal was Klamath Falls which saw a mix of SP&S, GN and Western Pacific power.


Here is the GN X66 bringing up the rear of the SWG as it travels past the siding at Deschutes in Late August of 1968.

I have an interest in MOW equipment and plan on modeling a GN MOW train and GN Wreck Train.

I have also always liked the GN Snow fighting equipment so I figure will have a Snow Dozer or two.

1968 Empire Builder
Even Though the main part of the Empire Builder did not operate over the SP&S, I would not consider myself a GN modeler without owning this train. I have collected all the car for this train along with two Athearn Genesis SDP45 for power.

Empire Builder 1968 (Spokane to Seattle)
                  (2) SDP45
                  (1) Storage Mail 270
                  (1) Baggage Dormitory Car
                  (1) 60 Seat Coach 1200
                  (2) Dome Coaches

                  (1) The Ranch Car
                  (1) 48 Seat Coach
                  (1) Dome Coach

                  (1) Dome Lounge (Full Length)
                   (1) Dinning Car
                   (1) 6-5-2 Sleeper

                   (1) 7-6-1 Sleeper

                         (1) 6-5-2 Sleeper

1968 Western Star
Again the Western Star itself did not operate over the SP&S I have always liked the train. One thing that makes it interesting is that it often had cars from many different railroads. I have collected most of the train, but still need motive power, a few sleepers and the baggage with conductor compartment.

                       (1) SDP40
                      (1) P7-A
                      (1) P7-B
                      (1) Storage mail, express, and baggage car
                      (1) 60 seat Coach

                      (1) 48 Seat Coach
                      (1) Dining-Lounge Car
                      (1) 16-4 Sleeper
                    (5) Storage/Express Cars
                    (1) Storage Mail Car

1968 Train 5 Piggyback Special
As a way to still meet the remaining USPS contract and offer some express service the GN created the Piggyback Special from Spokane to Seattle. The train had an RPO, storage mail cars, flatcars and autoracks. The train was usually pretty short and would make for an interesting Pike Size train.
                   (1) RPO

                    (5) Flatcars and Autoracks
                    (2) Storage Mail Cars


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