Oregon Trunk
The Union Pacific also had trackage rights over the Oregon Trunk line after the two roads came to an agreement and combined the two routes taking the best route to Bend. The UP operated a local between The Dalles and Bend. They also had a switching crew stationed out of Redmond Oregon.

Passenger Train
1968 Portland Rose 
The Portland rose ran along the UP mainline between Portland Oregon and Denver Colorado. In 1968 the train was down to just a shade of its former glory. I wanted to have a model of a short passenger train, and this one fit the bill. By 1968 the train was down to a single E9, a few coach cars and a single sleeper. I will use the American Model Builders Chair car and National Sleeper car sides for the main part of the train.
                                        (Pictures Coming Soon)

Freight Train
The Union Pacific operated a local from The Dalles Oregon to Bend along the Oregon Trunk. The usual power for the train was either a pair of GP9's or a GP9 and GP30. They often would drop a unit or trade units at Redmond for the local. The trains were not very long and stopped at most locations to do some switching. 

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