Sunday, November 16, 2014

Update on Bend Stockyad Spur

With the purchase of the new home came a few changes. First with moving not everything makes the move. My extension for the stockyard spur was warped and damaged, so I decided that I will scrap it and start fresh. I was also not really happy with how heavy and awkward it was becoming.

Also at our new home my layout and workspace will be residing in a shed in the garden. The exterior of the building in 15' x 8'. It currently has no power, so I will need to run power, wire, create some of the basic creature comforts. I figure once I have finished the walls and added the necessary stuff I will have a 14'6" x 7'6"  working space. This will give me enough space to build a Free-mo testing layout. I plan on having a removable section that I can test out Free-mo modules.

So bringing this back to the purpose of the this post. With the shed only being 7 feet wide I decided to modify my plan to fit the space. I have changed it to 10' long main set  with a 5' extension. This will allow me the ability to setup the modules in my new work space and not only work on them, but test them.

So here is the new plan:

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