Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rock and...more rock

These modules represent an industrial area, which I wanted to reflect in the way the track was arranged and weathered. Most of the ties were covered over, which is often used by MOW to hold things in place without putting in ties. This usually works for awhile, bu the ties start to rot away causing unstable track conditions. I wanted to show the track as worn and in need of some ties, which will encourage operators to slow down when operating over this "Bad Track." Before I added ballast I painted all the ties on the industrial track, even though I knew some would be covered with ballast. I also decided to follow the prototype and use the same rock around the structures to ballast the track.

Here is a view looking towards the depot, which shows Clowers Seed and the crossing that takes traffic to Jefferson Plywood and Nichols Warehouse.

1 comment:

  1. I never understand why "official" scenery technic are shy about covering ties in ballast. As you said, it happens everywhere. Most sidings are litterally buried in dirt and even well-maintained team tracks are hidden under fresh ballast to help road vehicle move around. Good luck, these modules are starting to take shape nicely.