Sunday, February 1, 2015

Modeling on the Road

With my new job, I have lots of time to sit around hotel rooms and waste time. I decided that my time would be much better spent actually building model railroad stuff. So I dusted off an old wood toolbox I had, loaded it up with tools and gathered a project. I took the show on the road and so far I am happy with my decision.

Here is my tool box, opened up and ready to get some modeling done in my hotel room. The only thing I am going to change is the lid of the box, I plan to make it taller so I can store my glue and paint upright. I also plan to add some dividers in the drawers to maximize the space.


  1. Nice tool box, I take it that you drive rather than fly for this travel. That box would never have gotten past the TSA to travel with me on a plane and I would have been reluctant to try and send it through my checked luggage mostly because of potential damage.

  2. Looks like a beautiful vintage toolbox. Are you sure you want to go modifying the lid? I'd find smaller glue bottles!

    (My new favorite CA, btw, is Gorilla glue - the cap has a little needle in it to keep the tip from clogging. A little thick, but worth it to know I will probably use every drop of that adhesive over a longer period of time than the usual little tube of Super Glue.)

    So, what is the first model to receive your efforts using these tools from this box?

  3. Kris: Yes I drive to most locations, if I have to fly I will use those trips to do research or maybe collect some materials.

    Galen: This toolbox is only about 14 years old, they can be purchased new from a few different vendors, I believe this one new was around $200 My first model is the house I am building for the Choices Challenge on Railroad Line Forums