Friday, March 27, 2015

Getting a date

I have been narrowing my focus down on what time during 1968 I wanted to model. As I have looked through traffic patterns and observed some of the other happenings on the line it looked like fall was a busy time on the Trunk with the added Potato harvest traffic . It also appeared that building materials and other products continued to move in the autumn months so I would have lots of cars to move. I am still trying to narrow down the exact date of the start of the potato harvest, but did find a good article about how the harvest was off to a slow start. So as of now I am looking to model some time between mid September and mid October. One thing I found was that on September 10th 1968 a steam engine from Rayonier was taken down the Oregon Trunk and stopped at the shops for servicing. It was dead in tow, but would make for an interesting move. Here is a clipping from the September 11th 1968 Bend Bulletin showing the unique move.

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