Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More distractions...

I saw a posting on one for the Facebook pages that Monster Model Works was having a sale. I spent some time looking through their products and after looking at one of their new offerings, which was a medium size auto shop, I found they also had a very tiny building called Triple J Repair. I really have no use use for the building, but had heard Jimmy and others talk on a few different Podcasts about their innovative products, so I bought it. I am currently working on a house for my Free-mo modules that I was going to try to have completed by April 1st, but it just was not keeping me motivated. Not sure what my problem is, but the project is just annoying me. I grabbed this little kit, put the walls together and spent the evening painting it. I was also able to use some of the excess material to build an interior wall. If you look at any of my other projects you will see I have a weakness for super detailed structures. While the paint dried I went through my various boxes of stuff and found enough parts that I am going to change the building into Had's McCulloch Shop, chainsaw sales, service and rental. So here is the building as it stands, if you want to see more "in progress shots" click HERE.

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