Monday, July 20, 2015

2015 Goals...

Well I was going to do this update at the half way point of the year in June, but it seems to have gotten away from me. I also wish I had a little more of an update as to what was going on with my plans, but it seems that I again have wondered off the past and gone another direction.

Goals in Review:
1) Complete the Railroad Line Forum's Challenge/ Laserart Company House #1
        To date I have assembled and started detailing this structure. I have not really been motivated by
        this building for whatever reason. I really need to just get it done so I can at least show that I
        have completed one of my goals. 

2) and 3) Everything regarding the "Train Shed" is on hold. We also recently had a small disaster in
        our house with a broken water line, so my plans for any renovation to the shed are on hold for
        the foreseeable future.
        I have instead focused on building modules  at my office at work. These are completely
        operational and I will continue to work on them the rest of  year.

So new goals for 2015:

1) Finish that house, so close yet so far away
2) Finish Had's McCulloch Chain Saw Shop
3) Finish ground throw pulls on Madras Modules
4) Basic Scenery completed on Madras Modules

The plan will be to update again in October and then see how I did at the end of the year.


  1. Oh Greg, specific goals are so difficult to keep unless you are absolutely positively sure they will be a slam dunk, as in the ball is already in the hoop, it just has to fall through the net! Vague and/or ongoing are much easier. For instance, I will not spend anything on my trains in 2015. Yep, so far, so good. Of course, my wife purchased a kit off eBay that was a birthday gift for me, even though she didn't find it (the automatic notification goes to my account when one turns up) and technically she purchased it using my account...

    And my second goal was to finish more projects than I start. So far so good there too.

    But my third goal for 2015, the one that was specific, to lose 20 lbs by my birthday in May, was the only one that I wasn't able to keep! In fact, I gained five pounds! Thankfully, I have lost it again and am hoping to lose that twenty pounds by Halloween. All bets on weight loss are off after that candy-filled bonanza, through Thanksgiving and Christmas, really until after Easter. So it wasn't all that realistic that I'd lose the weight in the first place.

    But kudos to you for re-evaluating and resetting the goals. You have put so much time and energy into Had's, it just begs to be completed. Keep on keeping on.


  2. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, I have been spinning my wheels the last week or so with everything at home and thought it was a good time to reflect on what I was doing. In other news I have also been spending time to create a "living" inventory of my freight cars. It is set with all the basic info on the cars, plus what is done and what needs to be done. I will post a blog update when I get a chance. Just looking at what I already have I need to take a page from your book and not buy any new projects. I think I would allow myself to purchase only the parts I need to finish existing projects, but only after exhausting my supplies. Once I am finished I am thinking I may create a lottery system and have the computer pop out a number, whatever I get that is what I work on until I am done. As it stands, if I was able to complete one freight car a month I have 14 years worth of projects...