Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inventory and Project Planner

I have been working on an inventory of all my model railroad items. I have started with my rolling stock, but will eventually also include other items such as structures and vehicles. This all steamed from a near disaster that occurred at my house during the month of July. I was fortunate that there was not major loss of personnel items and no model train items. It did get me thinking that I would be up a creek if I did have a major incident as I really did not have a good list of what I had. I also did not just want to make a list of stuff I would forget to update, I wanted to create something that would also help me plan my projects for the future.

To read the full explanation of what I have done you can check out my post of Model Railroad Hobbyist. CLICK HERE

Here is a screen grab of what I have been working on.

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